I am familiar with Woodbury!

I was born and raised in Woodbury – We were a farming community back then – the 50’s – 60’s – Our family farm was located at the intersection of Valley Creek Road and Cottage Grove Drive – most folks today would recognize the intersection with a stop sign at the top of the hill for no apparent reason, which Currently now where most of the Fairway Meadows & Stone Mill Farm Communities are located)

I started selling real estate with my father, John Currell from the mid 1970’s though the 90’s – then appraising for the Minnesota Department of Transportation before coming back into Real Estate sales with Currell Realty.

I’m a member of the Woodbury Lions Club.

As I grew up here I’ve seen a lot of changes in the area, and I believe it to be mostly positive!  It’s a growth minded community, which I really appreciate.